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Gussal for drops of semen?

   Assalam-o-Alaikum! I am 24 years old, and I want to know something. When we masturbate, or whenever Aitlam happens to us while sleeping, then we do ‘GUSSAL’beacause it’s farz. I have the problem that whenever I think of something wrong or see wrong things without masturbation, a few drops (1-2) come out while in the process of thinking […]

Purification for Salah – Should I repeat Ghusl?

I want to know that if i had nightfall and even after taking bath, i realise a drop of semen from my genitals, then what should i do for being pure again?? Should i take bath again or can i be pure only by washing that dirt for offering salat??

Do I have to make ghusal every time?

I have a problem which I am worried about a lot. The problem is that sometimes I dribble without unintentionally and I want to know if I will have to take shower everytime?

Cannot get clean after intercourse

After intercourse the husbands discharge keeps coming out even after washing up and a shower. Am I clean?

We want to be punished for our sins so that we can be purified

I am 24 years old and have been in love with a guy for the last 6 years. During the last four years we have been committing zina occasionally as we both thought that since we will be married, it wasn’t so bad. But recently we have both been studying Islam more deeply, and we realised what a grave sin we both have done. We feel so ashamed now.

Asking for forgiveness

I have been married for 3yrs now and previously I was going out with my boyfriend. We constantly had sex and couldnt resist each other.

Now that I am married, I cant get him out of my head and we do regular see each other aswell. When we see each other now we do kiss but thats about it.

I have stopped seeing him now as I feel so guilty and dirty.

I’ve accepted Islam and now my sins are clear to me I want to change

I find myself crying over this issue and need help. I recently accepted Islam into my heart after learning more about it from my boyfriend. He is a born Muslim. Before I converted we did things (non physical) that were haraam, and now we want to get married.