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How can I understand my role in the will of Allah?

I know that Allah knows and met all the souls that He created (Holy Quran 7:172), and also that I should accept that non-believers may not submit to Allah (Holy Quran 109:1-6). I also understand that I cannot comprehend His plan, and who He chooses, only Allah knows best.

Why am I in this world?

We all know that the purpose of life is the total submission to Allah’s WILL. And all those who dont submit to his WILL shall be sent to hell, and the person who submits to his will shall be sent to heaven. Since we believe the fact that Allah has the full knowledge of what will happen till the end of time. Which in turn implies that he knows the people who will go to hell and the people who will go to heaven. Then what is the need for all this life and death?.