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Scared to marry for the third time

I am a female I have been married 2 times in my life but i am scared to marry 3rd time. First time i was forced into marriage did not like the guy or know him, i was unhappy 19 & young also i did not live with him it was 1 month of marriage but did not have sex with him. I did beg my parents not to do it, almost left home not to marry now my parents are blaming me why i havent stopped all this before. have i done wrong? & i tried to stop them.

I was his second wife, but now a third woman is calling him

Two years ago, I agreed to marry my husband as a second wife, he advised me he was engaged to another woman and still intended to marry her. I was so much concerned about her feelings and how that would affect his life and her life and he assured me that she was ok with it. All was wonderful except I found that a third woman was calling him all the time, anytime of day, and he even answered her calls in front of me.