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Interfaith Marriage problems

I need advice, I can’t keep hurting in silence.

Love of Allah

I have a few questions and I need your suggestions.

What would keep a Muslim man from being married?

By the 3rd day of talking with him online– he says he loves me and calls me his princess…

Confused and struggling to overcome my negative thoughts

I have some strange questions in my mind. Please don’t judge me by asking these questions.

How do I know if Allah wants me to marry him?

We met online and he asked me to get married. Because of circumstances we cannot meet face to face unless we are going to get married so meeting before we say yes is out of the question.

My faith in God is being challenged

I believe in everything I am muslim and I do fear god but my problem is that I have questions that make me doubt everything…

Questions about Gender Roles and Polygamy in Islam

I’m seeking logical and authentic explanations… I ask these questions for clarification of my own concepts.

Why do people divorce and what happens to divorced couples in the hereafter?

It is said that the marriages are settled in the heavens and couples meet together in this world, but then why do the couples separate by divorces?

Is there any external evidence for Quran to be the word of Allah?

Being all good are destined by Allah for those who seek Him and evil things are from the evil desires of the man. What is the account of good things from man? It sounds something unjust that Allah himself have created people for eternal life and eternal destruction.

Questions about love, sex and pornography

Please answer these questions and provide evidence (Qur’an and Hadith):
1)Is Love Marriage Acceptable in Islam? if not give me the reason why based on hadith or any verse from the holly Quran..