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Do I have to marry him?

The guy’s mom handed her the Quran/Yaseen pleading her to accept the proposal and my mom TOOK it, thinking it is a must for one to give an individual something that they’ve asked for if they’ve requested it by giving you the Quran.

my boyfriend broke up with me

Now I don’t know what to do. I want to forget him, but I don’t know how. I have been reading Quran for days, trying to learn more about it, but I didn’t tell him that. Will he go to hell because of this relationship? If so, can I pray for him so that he won’t be punished from God? Please tell me how to pray.

Relationship with a non-Muslim man for 5 years but he questions Islam.

I have always done everything “right” in life… He doesn’t think the same as my other Muslim male friends. When I think of him and Islam, I flinch. I know I can’t change some of his views, but I know he will be a Muslim someday.

Difficulties in Quran memorization – is it because of porn and masturbation?

About two years ago, I memorised about 1/3 of he Quran but now I can’t recall even 3 full juz… it seems like I’m getting worse.

I don’t pray or read Quran… please help

I go on sites which tell me all about the hell fire but I still don’t pray or read the Quran. I don’t obey Allah and don’t pray to him… I see bad things happening to my friends but I don’t want it to happen to me.

What is the interpretation of my dream?

i had a dream and i want to know the meaning of my dream can some one tell me please what does it mean really. well i am trying to get my wife visa and i have already did all the paperwork and they have received them.

I do not know how to read the Quran, please suggest

I have always been busy with study and other works, never get time for islamic studies, even till now even i dont know have proper knowledge about islam, even i didnt read quran ,only having basic aliph ba te se ( ا ب ت ث) knowledge, as my life till here has been busy and i am little islamic. I wanted to be a pure Muslim.

Fajr prayer missed due to illness

Previously I used to get up from bed to pray my fajr but after I had insomnia I don’t, even though it’s better than before alhamduLILAH. But sometimes it bothers too much. After that I’ve stopped getting up early for fajr and prayed after I woke up(after sun rise), because due to lack of sleep I used get tired, constipated, severe headache and sometimes unable to focus.

I recite Quran, Fast and wear Hijab but I don’t pray Salaah

Ok, so I fast, I read Quran and I wear a scarf but I have one thing. I dont pray. Some part of me wants to but I dont know. I try so hard to convince myself to pray, but if I pray for a day, the rest of the week or two days I don’t.

Is there any external evidence for Quran to be the word of Allah?

Being all good are destined by Allah for those who seek Him and evil things are from the evil desires of the man. What is the account of good things from man? It sounds something unjust that Allah himself have created people for eternal life and eternal destruction.