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The woman I love is being forced into another marriage

She and her family ended up going to Pakistan under the cover it was a “vacation”, it mutated into a forced marriage trap that has caused stress and depression for everyone.

Breaking it to my parents…

I pray every night for them not to ship me away or hurt me or do something horrible. I don’t want to break my family apart, but I wish and pray they accept him and look past his color.

Bangladesh-Pakistan love stories

I am in love with a Pakistani boy, and he loves me too. But my family is forcing me to get married with another boy.

I prayed to Allah and received the best gift

I know my parents will not accept my fiance for what his background is, which is half Arab and half black. My family is a bit racist. Does anybody have any advice or anything in the Quran that states ethnicity in marriage?

Have you ever been discriminated against at the airport?

These type of insults and racial profiling has happened to me every time i try flying in the US.

How can we persuade my parents to let us marry?

I’m serious about him but I am 16 and he is 19… But we are talking about future tense.

Black revert looking to marry Pakistani Muslimah

Is this allowed in Islam? She is worried about her parents accepting me because of my skin colour.

Marriage without wali?

My mum refused his proposal saying that “you’re Indian”… Can we get marry because I can’t live without him and same as he?

I love him but my parents will never approve

My dad is a bit racist… But he won’t look for my best interest if he rejects this guy cause of culture! when Islam doesnt discriminate!

Her Parents refuse marriage because I am African

I am sure they would realize that color and culture doesn’t mean anything if only they opened up their hearts to seeing us together.