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How do I repent?

I’m a Christian. I had premarital sex with my boyfriend during Ramadan.


Please Help – I masturbated in Ramadan!

Do I need to make up days or do I need to fast 60 days in a row?

Moody and angry husband during Ramadan

I would like to know how to deal with extremely angry and short temper husband during Ramadan.

I masturbated and saw porn in Ramadan!

I can’t donate that much money nor can I fast an extra day as I can’t tell this to my family.

Ramadan prep and support for Muslim inmate

Would you have any suggestions for this brother so that he may be able to maintain his daily fast?

My illness means I should not fast – I feel ashamed

If I were to fast I would have to be fully recovered which might take years. Does this count as sickness for Ramadan? How can I participate in the holy month?

Masturbation during Ramadan

I have an addiction with masturabation. Tell me how to discontinue it, but first tell me can we fast in the form of nijasasast (after masturbating) if we have not had time to ghusal?

Am I allowed to scuba dive while fasting during Ramadan?

It’s not for pleasure but it’s my duty as a diving instructor.

Oral sex during Ramadan?

Is it permissible to give your boyfriend oral sex during Ramadan, while one is on menstruation?

Will my sins be forgiven if I pray at the mosque for the whole of Ramadan?

I am really gunna start praying now, though and I won’t stop, but I want my sins forgiven for my previous salat so if I wait you’ll Ramadan and pray at the mosque every night. Will my sibs be forgiven, because that’s what it eats on the islamic book I’m reading.