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Will my sins be forgiven if I pray at the mosque for the whole of Ramadan?

I am really gunna start praying now, though and I won’t stop, but I want my sins forgiven for my previous salat so if I wait you’ll Ramadan and pray at the mosque every night. Will my sibs be forgiven, because that’s what it eats on the islamic book I’m reading.

My iman stays only till the month of ramzan after that im back 2 bad deeds

I am a practising muslim but during the month of ramdhan I pray 5 times and also tarahvi. But whem ramzan is complete, I don’t pray and return to my bad deeds (the worst being watching porn and masturbating).

I had sex with my boyfriend during Ramadan and I want to repent

How do I repent from having sex with my boyfriend during Ramadan, while I had my period?

Should he cut off ties with his childhood hurtful friends for me?

Unfortunately, Foogle and his friends were suspicious that Frodo had a love interest and asked him if he was talking to me. He denied it every time. Eventually they found out in July that I was speaking to Frodo through hacking his MSN chats (with me) and keylogging his Facebook login and email. When my sister pretended to be me, his friend swore at me and said “don’t go around posting my address you b****.” They started saying rubbish like “What the f*** do you know about the Quran” and talking rudely about circumcision etc my brother said they said much more WORSE things and he has been very concerned about the type of person Frodo could be if his friends could behave like this.

We text and call each other; I just want to know if it’s right or wrong to do so before marriage?

Prior to my graduation; I met a Muslim girl 3 years ago who is born and raised Muslim, from the same ethnicity/background as mine. Long story short; we both exchanged text massages, calls and even met a couple times (public/private) Istaqfurullah. Its something I regret now. have decided to marry this girl but I am financially not ready. I am aware of the talks and text we are doing is haram so in that case I would like to do atleast a nikah but at this point what I am thinking is that we are in Ramadan. Should I keep talking to her or exchange text massages or wait till nikkah and cut contact with her.

Will my fast be accepted without prayers?

I’m recently learning of Islam and love it very much, I’m fasting and InshAllah Allah SWT accepts my fast. However, I don’t yet know how to pray, I’m learning dua’s online and hope my fast will be accepted inshAllah.

Would my fast be accepted after what I´ve done?

My mother was mistreated by my father and his sibling when they first moved to….. some 22 yrs ago, and my mom went throught alot of abuse by him and his family for the first 6-7 yrs.

I will never trust another Muslima again

These experiences especially this last one has pushed me over the edge. Allah has tested my too many times and I have lost my faith that this can happen. I don’t pray anymore and I don’t care about anything anymore.

Ramadan Mubarak – The Secret of Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak to all our readers and my fellow Editors. May Allah help us to grow closer to Him in this blessed month, increase our worship, purify our niyyah, forgive our sins, and make us among the people of Jannah.

Praying times in summer for Western Countries, Ramadan

I sometimes have to get up for work at 5 am, this can be very hard with isha at 12 pm and fadjr at 3 am. (times rounded up).When I dont have to work morning shifts I do not mind this, and just pray.With morning shifts this gets very dificult.