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Depressed and ashamed by my actions

When I was about 6 years old I had a teacher who used to have sex with me…

Sexually assaulted and afraid of the consequences

He said “if you are not mine, you’ll not going to be with anyone else too”… Is there any way to cover this…or otherwise I have to attempt suicide…

Committed zina at 15 after childhood abuse

I have sleepless nights with the burden of my sins on my shoulders.

Abused by my brother

He raped me when I was 12.

15 and forced to marry a 60 year old man

I am fifteen and my father made me marry a Lebanese man who is in his 60s. He forces himself on me every night, against my will.

Should I disclose past trauma to my future husband?

Should I tell my future husband about my pregnancy and that I gave up my son for adoption?

Caught husband hiding porn on his phone

Then one day he was acting very suspicious with his phone -he kept hiding it and smiling at the same time. Something told me to grab his phone and I did. I found so much porn, also pictures of women’s backsides. I’ve never had low self esteem in my life, nor was I ever depressed.

I love him, but I don’t want him

The very mistake he did in the beginning was that he told my brother in law that I was raped. I’ve put my children in Hell. How can I forgive him? I’m in severe depression! Please tell me whether I should move back to my original country and live in my new house? Please make dua for me as I’m very LOST.

He is blackmailing me and making my life hell

im being blackmailed by a pakistani national in uae. He has taken over my life 100% .im divorced with 2 sons. I met him a year ago and he ask to marry me..

I love him, but he ignores me, please help

I was in relationship with a guy a week ago…i am a muslim girl so i am not alloud to have a bf, but i did coz i was in love with that guy and i wanted to marry him and he did say to me same and promissed me that we will be together….