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Reasons for divorce which aren’t sinful.

Salam Aleykoum, I was asking myself about a question that I had this morning about divorces. When the male or female want to divorce to her husband/wife, do they need “right” reasons to divorce? Peer example: The husband( or wife)  is engaged with his/her partners for five years but he/she doesn’t feel happy with her/him anymore […]

I can’t carry on in this loveless marriage

I need some guidance. I was a orphan child and my aunty brought me up and at the age of 16 she wanted me to marry her brother’s son. I wasn’t happy about it and she emotionally blackmailed me and took me to Pakistan .

Can I seek divorce from my neglectful husband?

Assalamu alaikum,

I am in need of advice about my marriage. My husband married me about 3 years ago in his country. I am from USA and I now know he has only married me to relocate. I have not filed for him to get a permanent residency card and so now he has decided that he does not want to live with me unless I file his papers.