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Separated but might go back to husband?

I said to him I was pregnant and he said to me so what, kill it… I had a miscarriage… now, we have started talking and decided we want to give it another shot.

Two talaqs and a khula – can we reconcile?

In this situation i can do nikkah with the same person 3rd time or is it possible after halalah?

What is my role regarding my ageing Christian relatives?

When they learned I married a “foreign Muslim” my husband and I became outcasts to my family.

She won’t reconcile, but I don’t want to divorce

No one in our circle of family or friends wants us to separate, yet she isn’t willing to listen to anyone. All I constantly hear are the mistakes I have made which led her to become the way she is now. I pray someone can relay the message of her actions are acting as an anchor pulling the ship to sink.

Istekhara after Nikah, and Khula in Absence

She was of the view that after her Istekhara, there was no possibility of return. They applied for Khula, but I dont know what happened then as I did not receive all the notices or documents which I am supposed to receive. I believe that for a valid Khula process you need to go through a proper and sincere mediation and reconciliation process. This also did not happen.

Talaaq given twice before rukhsati – is iddah necessary?

Before rukhsati my husband has given me two times talaaq over the telephone in anger. Is iddah necessary on me? And if he wants me back what should he do?

I have filed for divorce with my abusive wife but now I miss her

Due to my wife’s violence, I got injured once and she got in trouble with the law. That still did not stop her. Hitting was not even the worst part. The worst part was living in fear all day, day after day being cut off from everybody.

I want reconciliation and my marriage is on the verge of divorce

My mother in law makes complaints to my husband every other day it resulted in my husband and i fighting all the time. My husband started verbally abusing me. tried to hit me too. I do not know what to do although the matter is up for divorce i do not know how to interpret istakhara in this sense of matter can you help me.

When to know to stop praying for reconciliation?

My heart is still with him and we have a child together. The more I keep praying for us to get back together, the harder it is for me to turn the page.

I was divorced but wish to give our relation another chance

I have recently gotten divorced. at the time i was sure i wanted to end my marraige but now after divorcing im having second thoughts