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Recovering from porn addiction

Everyone talks about marriage being the solution to this addiction. I would like to get married, but I really am worried about whether I am ready to get married. I hate the sins so much, but I am worried since stress can trigger addictions again. Living in Europe there’s still temptation and marriage has a lot of stress and responsibility. I really, really, really do not want to hurt another person with my addiction, or myself all over again. Honestly, it scares me and hurts me to even think about it.

How can I guide my husband to forgive me for cheating?

I am 32 from U.K. I have two kids and I am pregnant with the third child. I felt neglected and cheated on my husband. I got caught and still lied to him about what I did.

How can I move on from my haram relationship?

I was in a relationship with a non practicing muslim for 9 months. In this space of time we were living together with his family.
I expected to get engaged but that didn’t end up happening. After, he became very violent and possessive towards me resulting in me geting a black eye.

Divorced man seeking marriage again

I need help regarding marriage, I was divorced and now my parents want me to marry again. I went to my native country where most of the families had a problem with my divorce and the fact that I have a boy who is 5 now.