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In love and want to marry, but both our parents are refusing

I’m sarah i m love since from last 3 years now we both wants to marry we both are muslims but parents are refusing us because he is far away from us and it will take 2 to 3 days to go there i got a good sign of istakhara from ALAH Subhanutalla. what should I do now..


The caste system is interfering with my choice of wife!

I have a problem plz give me a suggestion what should I do. I love a girl so much, i want to marry her as well as such i love her truely since last 3 years & she also wants to marry me but our parents are not accepting her because she belongs to dofferent cast & I belong to a different cast, my mother knows her very well she liked her but the moment i told her that she loves me alot & i love her too my mother refused…

I need a wazeefa to convince my parents for the man i love

I’m so so worried from last four years, I’m convincing my parents but they wont agree for that guy just because they are strangers. He belongs to a good reputed islamic family, his parents even proposed but my parent dont want just because they are strangers and it will be called a love marriage which will make them feel insulted in family.

Divorce or Keep Secret Nikkah

I have a situation and I really need help. I live in north American society and I met a beautiful muslim girl 3 years ago. After meeting her couple of times I proposed her and consulted with my parents. My parents spoke to her parents. I was 20 at that time. Her parents did not want to get her married to me at that time and did not say yes or no to my parents. To avoid any problems and thinking both parents will agree any time we decided to have our nikkah done in secret (without a wali). During the 3 years period of nikkah we had intercourse only once.