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Christian Guy wanting to marry a muslim woman

Hello, cheers everyone. I am a christian catholic inlove with a very nice muslim lady. We are so inlove that we did not care about our religion or the future ahead of us. We were full of hopes of being together. Recently, a guy tried to take her away from me. When my gf rejected him, he made all this bad stories about my girl and basically destroyed my girls reputation.

Pakistani bengali marriage

I am a pakistani muslim girl born and brought up in the UK. For the past five years i have been in a relationship with a bengali boy also brought up here. We were at university together and he always knew it would be difficult to bring his parents round to the idea of him marryin a pakistani girl. Specially as he’s the eldest, but he thought it was doable and he’d be able to sort it in the end. My family were ok. I used to bug him bout telling them about me because I knew it would be an issue but he waited till about seven months ago to tell them. They have said he is on his own if he marries me. I dont want that and neither does he. He says he’ll keep fighting but he says realistically he cant give me any guarentees because he doesnt know what the outcome will be.