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I’m lost on what to do…

I have been with this girl for 2 years… she keeps looking at the stuff I did and judging me for it saying I’m the devil and that I can never change.

Confused and in need of guidance

Why is my iman so weak…? I hate myself right now.

How to forget Haram relationship

I want him to realise his mistake. And I want to forget all this completely.

How can I change my life?

I’m in drugs, I drink, I had sex a couple of times, but i’ve done taubah and i wont be doing that stuff anymore.

Will Allah forgive me for my sins?

I have made many sins and now am very confused with my life.

Feeling worthless – my mother keeps bringing up the past

Every time I did something wrong, she always brags that problem… I keep wondering whether I am worth to keep being alive or not because I’m just being a burden for my mother’s life now.

I feel trapped in a world of regret

Time heals wounds… But now my mental level is going down day by day. A person never bears that his wife had done such things.

How can I live a content life?

My question is that have I or us both have made a big mistake for limiting our kids? How do I get rid of this guilt? This feeling is not letting me enjoy my kids and life.

Feeling continuous guilt

I have made some mistakes in the past… I can’t get out of the guilt. I have repented so much…

Feeling very depressed once again today. Past sins and terribly narcissistic parents. Do all parents hold grudges with their child?

Tell me why I can’t stop thinking this part and is this kind of treatment from parents normal for girls that rebelled in teenage years. If my mother knows then do I deserve the abuse?