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His parents won’t let him marry me

He can’t marry me unless he marries who his parents want and then marries me. I told him it does not work like that!

Love is not enough for his parents

I am willing to learn and understand Islam and will eventually convert. However, this is not enough for his parents as I am of different nationality.

His family won’t accept me because I’m a foreigner.

They want him to marry a woman from his country. To lose him would kill me.

Can we marry secretly then tell our parents?

He is the only son and they say I’ve trapped him. So we are thinking of marrying secretly and then telling them. Is it okay for us?

I would give up my kids for a man who beats me and makes me suicidal

For 3 years I have experienced everything worst in our relationship. I’ve been beaten, hit and accept all the words from him. All he said is his family can’t accept me as I have a children already, but I loved him so much to the point that I’m willing to give all my life and forget about my kids.