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My violent father has trapped me in an arranged marriage

Someone from my college has proposed marriage for me to my father, but since he is not from a wealthy family my father declined it. he is a practicing Muslim and his family also loves me. My father has rejected the proposal, and now he has chosen someone wealthy for me. Even though I don’t like the guy I cant do anything, because he will beat my mother and me up.

How do I get out of this?

It’s just 2 and a half months that we have broken up, but he is happy now MashaAllah. I pray for his happiness but I still cannot stop thinking about him.

When to stop making same dua over and over?

Please someone help me I’m heart broken I cry every night and all throughout the day.

My father doesn’t let me marry him

My father says and believes he will ruin my life and future.


Please help me understand whether the person we will marry is chosen by Allah or is it a part of our free will?

Girl is not accepting marriage proposal

She refused that she cannot marry because I am not from her country.

Arranged marriage proposal

Will I be able to marry someone else and forget this guy?

Heartbroken again!

I just thought I might have a change at happiness. But my family won’t let me.

I can’t marry the one I love – Muslimah

I need advice, because while Allah swt is answering my prayers and Duas, I still feel lost and afraid.

Should I stop praying?

I feel guilty of asking for him in my prayers. Is it haram for me to pray and ask when he is already engaged?