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How can I convince him to marry me?

We care so much about each other and we really love each other for the sake of Allah.

Crush, rejection

I’m 13 years old and I felt love with a girl. She rejected me.

I want to be set free

I feel like no one loves me.

Quit the bad habits but the drive is driving me crazy and I want to get married

I could so easily get a girlfriend and do all what I want with her, but when I try doing it the halal way, rejection is all what I get.

I am unable to understand why he degraded me

Should I give him another chance?

No hope from life

I am all the time weeping and there is no one and no hope from life.

My husband considers my niece a true Muslim but says I am not

Why is she a true Muslim and I am not? It is her destiny but do I not make it possible? Why is so hard for some Muslims to accept somebody who converted to Islam?

His parents won’t let him marry me

He can’t marry me unless he marries who his parents want and then marries me. I told him it does not work like that!

Seeking advice for my confusion

I trusted my wife fully but when she is telling me still she is not accepting me as a husband… I hurt deeply….

Should a husband break a wife’s heart beacause of his respect?

He got mad one day, punched my face, slapped me so hard many times. I was crying so bad and dying from a headache.