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Am I being ungrateful if I refuse to meet a suitor?

My parents are pressuring me to get married by January, and I am worried about inviting Allah’s anger if I refuse to see or turn away certain men.

Forced marriage

My parents want me to get married to this guy they think is perfect for me. But I don’t like him and I don’t think I’ll be happy if I got married to him.

Negative Istekhara

The wedding was called off. Was it right?

I have lost interest in him.

There is this boy that likes me and he wants to marry me. I was interested but for some reason I have lost interest.

He loves me but I don’t love him back

I know that my family want it to happen because our marriage will help the family out… but his personality is very unattractive to me.

In love with my cousin… But is divorce right for us?

We had nikkah and intimate relationship from last one year but my family is not agreed for our marriage, actually no one knows that we have got married.

Am I being too choosy in turning down proposals?

My family have been all super excited and really would have loved me to accept either one of the 3 proposals but the boys never felt right and leave me full of sorrow and confusion.

Worried about ageing parents

I regret falling in love with a person living so far away, as I can’t imagine leaving my parents alone in their old age, so I have decided not to get married…

I love him so much; will Allah ever answer my prayers?

when i rejected him i was 18 i knew nothing about marriage wasn’t ready for it …i love him and I’m praying for four years now that make a way for me to marry him or i forget him but i have dreams about him most nights then my whole day is tearful i haven’t seen him for a year i feel i cant be happy with someone else i cant imagine myself with someone else.

I do not want to marry until I finish my education

I do not want to get married until I finish college (because I do not wish to deny my husband his rights since I study abroad), but on the other hand I do not know whether I am committing a sin or not. Am I disobeying Allah by telling everyone that comes my way to please withdraw his request until I finish college?