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My wife demands khula and has a bad past

She asked me for khula. I tried my level best to save my marriage, tried every possible way… But she did not change her decision…

Confused about her istikhara result

Recently she said she did istikhara about us and the result she got is that she needs to wait for the right time and the right person….. I’m so confused and think she’s trying to scare me away.

Friends with benefits…

We dated for 5 years. In those years he slept with 2 girls. Now he just want to be friends more of a friends with benefit.

Will we marry or not?

I have never ever ever placed him even on the same meter as my Lord, my Creator, but yes….I had begun to consider him my happiness.

My husband is daily calling to some escorts

I can’t bear this. I don’t know why he’s doing like this because I treated him like my prince, I gave him whatever I can?

Abandoned twice and heartbroken

I am sharing my story so that people can learn from my past and mistakes…

Reunited with my husband, but he won’t support me or our son

I need him to support us, but my husband doesn’t understand… he’s been living a single life for the past 2 years.

How do we rebuild after his affair?

I decided to call him and tell him I overheard everything… the way he was so scared made me know it was really bad.

I don’t know how to make him understand

We had some misunderstanding between us and he is talking so rude to me… I know suicide isn’t good – that is the only reason I am still alive.

Trouble with my husband

I’m not the same with him as before because I believe a leopard never changes its spots but I can’t divorce him because it will cause huge problems in the family.