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Leaving a girl for Allah

I don’t have any options and my friend is saying me to marry her and I don’t want to marry her.

Marriage circumstances before I converted to Islam

I’m very embarrassed to ask. What is the status of the marriage and how can it become valid?

He was forced to leave me by his parents because I am a Chinese.

Is there any way I can get him back?

I love her but we had to break up…

… due to not knowing whether her dad would agree to her marrying me in the future.

Marriage Advice – father won’t allow

My mom is telling me I need to stop talking to him.

Parents unaccepting of interracial marriage

My mother can’t see an interracial marriage being right for me or our family. She says there will be too may troubles.

Drug addicted bestfriend?

His father died. He went through a lot of grief and trauma and ended up being a drug addict. Is there any dua that might help him?

please help me… please guide me

I am loving a girl deeply. Now what to do…

Verbally aggressive fiancé

He was amazing for the first 6 months but recently he’s been showing his true colors.

Help please

My mom asked me to take an oath I would never date anyone and if I did she would die… If I break that oath is there any Kafara for that?