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Is there a place for us?

I know he has been considering me deeply as he has broached the subject of conversion. I know this must be serious step because we have never talked about either religion to each other. However, converting is not for me. All the same, every day I see something else I like in this man, and everyday my feelings growing stronger for him.

How to convince my Christian wife to accept Islam?

I am Sunni Muslim from India. In the year 2008 April I married to Baptist Christian girl secretly in Mosque without informing our family members in presence of an Imam and my friends as witness and wakil according to the Islamic Law with the girl’s wish. From that time (previously also my wife’s mother used to force and fight with her about Christian religion why she change all those things, but she never reacted that much) after meeting with these two people she changed completely and told me that she did wrong by changing her religion and she don’t want to continue. I don’t want my children to become confused of Islam and I want my children and wife to be as Muslim and to follow the Sunnah, Ahadees, Quran as a perfect Muslim do.

I married a Christian woman; which religion my children should follow?

I am a Muslim, married a Christian girl without her getting converted, which religion should my kids follow? Is it okay to keep her family name after my child’s 1st name?

What will be my surname after I convert and get married to a Muslim man?

I am a Hindu but I will convert to Islam soon because I will be getting married to a Muslim. We are now searching for an Islamic name for me. Right now we have chosen AARA but I want to know what will my surname be after marriage?? My fiancé’s name is AARASH KHAN so will my name be AARA AARASH KHAN or will it be AARA KHAN after marriage, please advise because I don’t want to keep my father’s name with me after converting due to some personal issues.

Am I in an haram relationship?

I have been with my Muslim boyfriend for 6 years now and we were having sexual relations for about 5 years. Since this discussion a year has passed and now I have reverted to Islam, which I am very happy and proud about. I know that this is obviously haram as Allah does not permit any form of relationship between the opposite of sex till marriage, and if it was down to me I would marry him in a heart beat. But here is where it gets complicated because he says that he will marry me but not until he finishes his degree and/or if I get a good job.

In love with A Muslim man who is engaged to another woman by force. Do I have a chance?

I am deeply in love with my Muslim Ex-Boyfriend. We both saw the same point of view in life. We talked about , me becoming Muslim for him in the past. But On August 3, his parents got him engaged with someone else. The same day he broke up with me saying he’s very sorry and didn’t want this to happen. He has told me he likes her but does not love her. Like the way he loves me. Will there be a chance that he will Break off the Engagement? If so how?

Can a Muslim girl marry a Hindu man if he promises to convert after marriage for her sake?

If a Muslim girl and a Hindu guy got into a relationship and the guy promises her that he will convert to islam just because he has strong feelings for the girl. Is it okay to accept that the guy actually converted to Islam just because he has strong feelings for the girl and he’s willing to do anything just to marry her? While the girl prays to Allah in the same place where the family carries out all their hinduism culture, pooja (worship), not eating red meat etc?

I have converted to Islam but my boyfriend is delaying marriage as he is convincing his family to marry me.

My boyfriend was guiding me to Islam and it took so long time(nearly 2 yrs to understand the beauty of islam) and then I became Muslim. We don’t work in same place any longer. He is either not willing to come out or he is getting scared to spend time with me. I understand that now he is staying with his family and it won’t be the same as earlier. I feel I have been rejected by him. I m ready to do anything to convince his family but they are not ready to accept me.

We want to spend our lives together but I am not sure if I should trust him due to cultural, religious and age differences.

I have met and fallen in love with a Saudi student who is considerably younger than me (18years). He is from one of the most liberal cities in KSA and has told me that his family will eventually accept me. I can’t help but wonder if this is possible due to the age and cultural difference, and the fact that his student visa will be expiring in another year or so. I also worry that he may be married already and hiding it from me, so that he has someone to be with while he is in the states. Is there a way to find out if he is married and is there any hope for this relationship?

He is older than me and wishes to marry me. What should I do?

Can you help me please? I am 16 year old girl from England and I am a Christian. I have been dating a man who is older than me for about 6 months now. He is Muslim and has asked me to marry him as he says he loves me. I love him too but he would like to move back to Pakistan after we marry and I want to stay here.