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My parents hate Islam but I want to convert and marry

5 months ago, I met a Muslim man. The problem is that my parents hate everything related to Islam (they are very pious Christians) and since they knew that I was interested in Islam, my parents are very sad and my father even got health problems because of it.

Non Muslim man and Muslim woman

Well, this has been a hard and confusing time in my life. Me and this girl I met at college have been seeing each other for some time now. She is Muslim, and I am probably the worst kind of guy in the eyes of others for her, because I was a soldier in the US Army.

My husband is losing his faith

Assalamu allaikum, I need a reply based on Islam. I muslim married to Christian guy after his conversion to Islam by nikah. He was following Islam as far as he can by Sallat, Fasting etc. He told me and my Guardian that he wants to conceal it till the end of his parents (may Allah […]

I’ve increased in deen and my wife hasn’t: now we are arguing

Assalaam Alaikum. I married a non-Muslim woman and we have a 4 year old daughter. When I married her she was a Christian but nominally converted to Islam. At that time I was not very serious about my religion. However, after my daughter was born I have become more religious. I have also been trying to gently nudge my wife towards becoming a more observant Muslim for the last few years.

Should I divorce my agnostic wife?

My question is whether I should be with my wife who has slowly but surely moved farther from Islam. Her background is such that her father and older sister (who she is very close to) are agnostic and don’t believe Islam is a religion to be followed.

Married and losing faith as a result

I am married to a very decent Muslim man. When we met, I was not a very observant Muslim – actually, I have since realised that most of my behaviours came from Christianity – showing love to all, being a good person, etc. But I have found my in-laws to be full of hatred towards others – they have not one good word to say about anyone.