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Divorce in case of invalid marriage in Islam and remarry the same person.

My parents won’t accept the marriage without giving divorce to him because according to shareah it is invalid.


If I get divorced under sharia and am still married under English law, am I free to be with another man and marry again? Or do I have to be divorced under both laws?

Relationship between wife and her mother

Is it ok my wife and children should not meet my wife’s mother’s new husband?

Remarrying my husband

I dreamt of remarrying my husband. In real life we are married for almost two years and his parents still didn’t accept me.

Am I divorced?

Now that I am interested in remarrying my ex-husband is suddenly claiming that we are still married.

I am planning to marry my brother’s ex-wife

What is your advice to us? Who should be witnesses? Is she going to have Wali although she has been married from before?

I am divorced and want to marry

I feel inclined to my friend or you think its too early to get into another relationship?

Can I plan to re marry my ex husband when my parents hate him?

We still talk and love each other…
My khula is finalised in court. Am I his wife or not?

What if I convert to Islam but my husband doesn’t?

I want to convert to Islam, but if my husband doesn’t and I divorce him, do I have to remarry?

Should I go back to my first husband?

I am scared as if I do go back to him then my family will get more angry with me.