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Repentance for having a relationship with a married man

I would become his second wife. But now I’m in a situation where I feel myself responsible for ruining his relations with his wife.

I left her for the sake of Allah but I feel guilty

The extreme guilt in me is killing me that she cries over me and that I’ve done so wrong after leaving her like this.

My fiance left me after relations

I am thinking of not getting married ever as it would disclose my secret. I am confused, lost and disturbed.

I’m a bad daughter

My mom always wanted me to be a very kind hearted religious girl… I never paid heed to my mother’s wishes.

Will Allah forgive me for my sins?

I have made many sins and now am very confused with my life.

Need words of advice and hope…

I got sexually abused by my uncle as a child… Of course this led me to committing zina… I even done an abortion…

Will I be forgiven by my husband for the sin of intimacy with my lover before marriage?

If this marriage is stopped… then my parents can’t bear that shame. I sacrificed my love for the sake of my parents reputation and happiness. I dont want that to go in vain.

Has the sun already risen from the west for me?

Because no matter how many time I cry for forgiveness, I am still being hated by everyone. I feel like it will last forever.

Please make dua for me after abortion

I didn’t want to have an abortion… but after 2 months of constant arguing and pressure I gave in and went for the appointment. I failed as a woman, I failed as a daughter, a mother and most of all I disappointed Allah.

Hurt and problems everywhere

ALLAH must be angry with our family. There is not a single happiness left.