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Marriage Istekhara by Mother / Evil Asraat

Since I’m doing many istekharas from some mufti as well but never comes positive for anyone and upon asking he said I got some evil Asraat and no matter what or how many times I’ll do it will come negative until I get free of these asraat.

Istikhara without answer

My question is that I´ve been praying Istikhara during many days but until now I don´t have an answer, in this case, what do I have to do?

I told my wife to read it also,

I had negative Istikhara and want to see it again

In this concern, first of all my friend brought a proposal of his niece to me, then the same night he saw a nightmare. Then he discussed to me and I said go through Istikhara and make discussions with your senior members of family. Then they did Istikhara in which they found the negative results. Not exactly they got the points of refusal but only they had some hints like bad smell, or fireball.

Istikhara for my brother’s marriage

My brother’s name is Abid Hassan Khan, originally from Pakistan, currently living and working in New Jersey. We’ve been looking for a nice girl for him since 2 year, but there is no development yet. We wanted someone to do Istikhara for us.

If we keep trying istikhara to get a different answer, is that disrespectful?

there’s a good friend of mine we like each other and want to get married, so he spoke to his sister to do istikhara about me which came out positive. after a positive answer later on he spoke to his mother about me and she also did an istikhara but this time it came out as negative. I just wanted to ask as u said istikhara can change.. can a person get different answer? if we keep trying for istakhara will that be disrespectful?