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Stuck in bad activities at a young age

I am really depressed thinking of what I should do to quit masturbation. I need help.

Please save me from these sins?

Whenever I pray I hate myself because I know I am a sinner, a grave sinner, I hate myself and definitely Allah will be hating me.

I need Allah’s forgiveness

I am afraid of ALLAH’s anger and think that he will not forgive me as I am doing it again and again….

Islamically is there any difference in committing zina with a virgin woman and non-virgin woman?

I met my boyfriend (who is an arabic and a muslim) 7yrs ago and we broke up a few times but, we always have reconnected even I left the country where he lives. We had the first sexual relationship 2yrs after we met and he was the man who took my virginity. Before that, when he asked me about it, I did not tell him that I am a virgin and I told him that I already lost my virginity with another guy before I met him

I had sex with my boyfriend during Ramadan and I want to repent

How do I repent from having sex with my boyfriend during Ramadan, while I had my period?

My husband forced me to reveal my past to him

My husband and I met and fell in love. Right from the start he told me about his past: his girlfriends, how many women he had slept with as well as many other sins, and also that he was neither praying nor fasting at the moment (and he still is not). I accepted it and thought that we all do mistakes and that Allah (swt) is forgiving.

Feeling guilty and hypocritical after exposing my body online

I made a mistake and have been feeling extremely guilty ever since. I met a guy online and one thing led to another until I showed him some parts of my body online, and he did too. I have repented to Allah but I can’t seem to forget about it and it’s making me feel dirty and disgusting all the time.

My life is a mess & I need someone to guide me to repent, please don´t judge me

Could you please help I got married to my pakistani cousin as parents made me feel guilty but didnt force me just made me feel so guilty I said yes. I had a boyfriend here in england so when I came back from pakistan after getting married I started to be with my boyfriend here again.

I want to repent & do ghusl, as I have masturbated, watched lesbian porn & my family is cursed by black magic

I’m a 15 year old Girl, I live in the UK and used to live in a place where there was hardly any Muslims. A few years back i started watching porn and I started masturbating, not sticking anything, just rubbing. I masturbated over lesbian porn but I am not a lesbian. I know these are VERY bad things to do and ive stopped watchin the lesbian porn and ive stopped masturbating but sometimes i still watch porn-normal porn.