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I love my husband, but I cheated on him

I have been EXTREMELY happily married for 14 years, and have 2 children. We have been the kind of mushy couple that is always asked if we’re honeymooners. We are best friends! But I recently cheated on my husband. I didn’t get any satisfaction out of it, it was purely for the other person.

Drowning in sins

gave up on Allah and committed a lot of sins. One of these sins was stealing. At my work I could steal a lot, from clothes to makeup and even money. No one ever knew that things were missing, so it was very easy for me to do.

I don’t know whether Allah will forgive me or not?

I was 13… I am too much ashamed of it.

Emotional Affair – How should I recover?

He met me once where I made attempt to kiss him, for which I repent. After that the person stopped talking to me. I am very badly affected due to this. I am trying to forget that man, but not able to do so. My mind keeps thinking about him day and night.

I did a major sin, and I want to ask for forgiveness

I want to change, I want to be a better muslim. I can’t change what’s done, neither will I ever forget it. But, I’m working my way to be a better muslim.

I don’t want to die a sinner…

I passed a graveyard. It was the night time and it was terrifying. The thing which came to my mind was these people were once alive, once born and now gone.

How do I absolve myself of my sins?

I know how to act in the future, as the Quran is guiding me. I simply want to learn to forget my past and remove my sins from my history so I can start over and really put commitment into my religion. I have already decided to wear the hijab before 8th grade starts, as I know this will please the Lord who is Knowing of all things.

Rejected by fiance after zina

Now he says that his father is not agreeing and he is not willing to marry at any cost. I kept begging him that we have committed a sin and it shouldn’t be like this, you should tell your parents…

How do I seek forgiveness for my past relationship?

I am scared that without any forgiveness how will I go to heaven? I want to escape from His punishment…

I had zina with a girl, what should I do?

At first we started dating and kissing, but now a day has come when we have actually commited zina. Both of us feel ashamed and want to repent, but I did a little research and it showed that I might have to leave her if I want Allah’s forgiveness, so what should I do?