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He judges me about my past.

He says that he is hurt by my past. I tell him I’m sorry about my past and I am not this person now. He will never let this go. I am so unhappy with him now and although he is my husband, he keeps pushing me away from him with his harsh words so that when it comes to intimacy with him, I feel so uncomfortable and dirty.

forgiveness from another human

I have been repenting of my sins to him and Allah. I have written him emails confessing my sins, and I pray five times a day and do all the duwas and astaghfar. However, I often come across thoughts like Allah will not forgive a person until the person he has wronged has forgiven him. I am depressed that I made some mistakes in my relationship, and my husband is not ready to forgive me even though I am sincerely sorry and want to make things work. Would Allah ever forgive me if my husband refuses to, despite my sincere efforts?

I masturbate, then promise not to, then break it again!

I’m a 15 year old male. My habit of masturbating started at a very young age, at which time I didn’t know it was wrong. I continued for years, and eventually it became a habit. Last year, I felt bad and did some searches and got to know it was haraam. Now I try to control […]

I’m doomed because of my sins

I got into a haram relationship and did have physical relations, too. We did everything but not intercourse. We had a breakup, and I spent all my time in depression. After 2 months I started having a feeling of guilt about what we did, and I wasn’t able to walk talk or eat and I couldn’t believe what happened to me. I felt in despair. I even told about my sin to someone, and now I feel I have no hope of being forgiven.

How Can I Stop Zina Without Hurting Her?

I embraced Islam. It seemed that I wanted to pull away from my old lifestyle, but she showed more interest in that which I had lost interest in. I wanted to start praying, but she wanted to go out. I wanted to attend Jumaa Prayer, but she wanted to go on a trip. I did it all to make her happy. I did what I could to keep her next to me, but felt guilty inside.

my wife’s affair before marriage.

I g0t married 3 months ago, but a few days before I realized that my wife had an affair with a boy before marriage. When I asked her she admitted that she had an affair with him, and  even accepted that they crossed the limits. But she also promised and gave me an oath that she will never repeat […]

Confused and worried about repentance.

A person knowingly sinned and thought Allah will forgive and carried on sinning deliberately. Does that mean Allah will not forgive the person?

Relationship before Marriage and semi-nude pictures

I’ve no idea what to do, how to repent and I’m scared of Allah not forgiving me. When I get married, do I tell my husband?

Masturbation – Is this my punishment?

I pray 5 times every day and recite Quran but I can’t give up my habit on masturbation. My life is all pain and I don’t know what to do.

Rebuilding the love and trust in the marriage

I have lied, hurt (emotionally scarred and physically hit my husband), disobeyed and disrespected him to the point that he has given up. He doesn’t love or trust me anymore and I can’t blame him – I’ve done so much wrong to him. He has been contemplating divorce for some time, but I think that he is waiting this last time to see if I will change and stop doing the same things, while preparing himself to move on in the event I do not change.