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I am repenting for zina in my past

I started my taubah a few days ago, but my heart felt so dark. Will Allah accept my taubah?

I don’t know whether Allah will forgive me or not?

I was 13… I am too much ashamed of it.

Was it continuous zina??

What should I do to overcome this and be able to look at myself in the mirror. I feel ashamed and sinful and not worthy of even enough repentance, forgiveness at bay.

Ashamed after going back to masturbation.

At this point I am too scared to ask Allah for forgiveness. I’m scared that He might be thinking “you repent all month but then go back to the deed you have been repenting for. Hypocrite.”

How can I come to terms with what has happened?

How can I overcome the guilt and shame I suffer from because of my actions? Is there hope for Muslim girl with a “past” when it comes to marriage?

I did a major sin, and I want to ask for forgiveness

I want to change, I want to be a better muslim. I can’t change what’s done, neither will I ever forget it. But, I’m working my way to be a better muslim.

How can I seek forgiveness for my sins?

My boyfriend wanted to start a family and I accepted. So I became pregnant. Every night I cried because my family was not with me, even though my boyfriend was very kind to me. My father and mother didn’t give up on me, they tried to convince me what’s best for me. They told me to end the relationship, have an abortion and come back home. I did not listen.

Heartbroken by his lies

I feel very sad that all I will ever be is a sin and part of his past. My life has fallen to pieces and I have ruined myself before I’m even married.

Confused and worried about repentance.

A person knowingly sinned and thought Allah will forgive and carried on sinning deliberately. Does that mean Allah will not forgive the person?