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My husband Resents me

He cursed my family and myself and my lineage and told me I was cursed by Allah… I want khula but he laughed and said he will destroy my life first.

My husband can’t accept the past… My life is falling apart…

He said terrible things. That maybe I could have some disease from that guy because I slept with him, that he is scared how will I raise our daughter… He has serious problems and I am scared what to do.

What have I done to make my father treat me worst?

He also thinks I’m dumb and the least smartest in the family due to exam results from 3 years ago. But exam results don’t mean anything! Alhamdullillah, I am in university studying a great course, but nothing seems to make him appreciate me. He reckons this sister of mine is so smart. Often my feelings for my sister are negative because of him.

Absent Husband

My husband took a voluntary departure 3 years ago. I stayed with him in his country for over a year. When he thought he was about to get his visa he sent me home. My parents paid for all of the travel expenses. He did not get a visa. I have not seen him for almost 2 years. He does not work or make any effort to come up with money to bring me there. He seems only interested in the visa.

How can I deal with my rising anger levels?

I got married in February but I am recently having a lot of anger issues in my marriage. I am under so much stress and I am becoming scared of my feelings…living with my husband is a lot harder than I thought and I sometimes feel like I do everything with no help.

My Husband Cheated While I am Pregnant – Should I Forgive Him?

My husband cheated on me while I am pregnant. He now claims it is sorry and begs my forgiveness. Should I forgive him?