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Ex situation and jealousy of his new gf

There is a huge difference between my ex and my soon to be husband. I can clearly tell who respects me more. I dont know why i get jealous of his gf still.

Is nikah valid if the girl is not willing by heart?

My parents did my engagement with my cousin. I refused them even at engagement that I don’t like that person but they insisted. Now my marriage date is fixed. I want to know that will this nikah be valid?

How are marriages beneficial for men?

I know that Allah is a loving God and He is very just. However, I don’t understand why He legislated marriage, an institution where men have to lose and women are supposed to win? Doesn’t Islam view men and women to be equal?

I want to be respected and honored

want to excel in my life, and another thing I want to is have a very loving husband. But I know all of this is not possible, so I get depressed sometimes and then decide to lead a simple life without expecting all of this, and be happy with what Allah gives me. I need emotional stability, so can you guide me what I should do?

Should I tell my husband that I cheated on him with my ex?

I’m in such a big mess right now and I don’t know what to do.
4 years ago I got into a thing with a Muslim boy named Ammar. At that time I was a Christian, and in the beginning I flirted, danced and kissed a couple of boys during the first weeks we were together.
I stopped when our relationship eventually got serious and after a year together it became very strong and we had sex.

Loyalty to my husband or to my parents, which to follow?

I did my nikaah as I did not want to live in sin. I realised I made a grave mistake by doing this nikaah without my parents permission but at the time I felt I had no choice…

My husband had an affair after 10 years of marriage, should I forgive him?

I’ve been married for 10 years and my husband cheated on me. I thought i had the perfect marriage and i have a beautiful 5 year old, i struggle to forgive him, everyday is like a test. I’ve lost my loving family who care about me, as they want me to leave him. I was pregnant and lost my baby recently, please help me to find an answer…

Izzat, Respect

I want to know what to do to get back my respect.

My fiancee and her family is not respectful to my family

Nine month back my family engage me with one girl . I talk with her on phone after getting permission from both sides to know her better. In 9 month of relationship I feel that my fiancee and her family are giving respect to me but not giving much respect to my family.