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My husband depends on me financially

I am really tired of spending so much and not investing in myself and I am slowly losing respect for him as he is financially dependent on me and my family.

My mother abuses me and my wife

As per our Islamic teachings if the wife demands a separate accommodation she is rightful. On the other hand it is man’s responsibility to look after his parents.

Want to get married but have family responsibilities

I fell in love with a guy it was a pure feeling from the beginning. He supported me through all my ups and downs. We wanted to marry each other from the beginning. It was a long distance relationship mainly because he studied away from home..we called each other and hardly met… Now as he has finished his studies and wants to marry me as soon as possible… I can’t be so mean to ignore the needs of my siblings and desert them by marrying…and also I cant wait myself for such along time without marrying..

Descendant of Prophet’s Family

What i wanted to ask is. I am gillani sayad, both my parents are sayad. I know that we are from the phophets family mashallah and we cannot accept zakat. but is there more i should know?

The reason why i ask this is because my ristay never follow through and i was wondering is it because I am only supposed to marry a sayyad? ive heard only sayyad can marry sayyad but was not sure or didn’t care but now im beginning to wonder about it because whenever i agree to a risth it never works out!! EVER!!

My husband has a baby with another woman; What are his and mine duties?

Problem is the other woman still wants to be with him so I am not comfortable with him going there to visit the baby. On the other hand if I allow the child at our home how do I explain it to our 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son? Also are we not magnifying the sin as this is also a sin?

Money problems preventing marriage?

I am a 29 yr old woman in NY and am looking to the future and settling down. My personal situation is somewhat complicated however – I look after an elderly relative and am also in charge of managing my parents’ household – income etc is all my responsibility at the moment. I am their only daughter and so the responsibility falls on me.