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Marriage of an Infertile Man

I come to know that as per medical science I will never be able to be a father.
Now I want to get married. My question is, Should I tell the women before marriage that I’m a infertile? Want to know as per Quran & Hadith.

Should I reveal my past to my husband to be?

I am going to marry this guy with the will of my family later this year inshAllah!! He is a really nice guy and I like him too.

I am confused if I should tell him about my past??

My husband forced me to reveal my past to him

My husband and I met and fell in love. Right from the start he told me about his past: his girlfriends, how many women he had slept with as well as many other sins, and also that he was neither praying nor fasting at the moment (and he still is not). I accepted it and thought that we all do mistakes and that Allah (swt) is forgiving.