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Should I Pray to Allah to take my revenge from someone who hurt me?

So can I say Allah to take my revenge from him? Can I say that to Allah for a man for hurting me and using me emotionally? I can never forget him and I don’t want him to be back to me ever, but I want Allah to take my revenge from him, so could I say that? Should I say that type of dua for him?

Cheated, hurt and abandoned!!

Does Islam allow us to harm or hurt the people who hurt us… I am so depressed and angry that I want to punish them.

Husband took another wife just to take revenge from her parents for past insults.

But my hubby did second marriage without letting me know about it. The reason he got married was that; his second wife and her parents had insulted his parents in past. He just wanted to take revenge so he married that girl. Currently, she is staying at her parents home as she don’t like his home and his parents too.

Divorce will not ease me, REVENGE WILL.

I have been put in a situation where I can’t think for my kids, for my future, for anything, i just think of the mess the guy brought to my life and my wife being the stupid pray. I just want to kill that person.

Unfaithful man + greedy family = disaster!

Last year my mother told me that she caught my father cheating on her. My father admitted and asked for forgiveness. He swore on his Mother (Allah bless her soul), his children and the Holy Quran that he wouldn’t cheat again. But I couldn’t believe my ears when my Mother told me few days ago that he is cheating again. Now this “other woman” says that she is only after my father for money.

Snitching on my ex for betraying me. What does Islam say?

I am broken hearted from my ex-boyfriend. I was with him for three years, he promised to marry me. I did things with him because he told me we will make everything Halal after getting married. I gave him everything, my soul, heart, everything! Now he told me he doesn’t feel the same anymore. I am worried he is not going to come back to me. So I have decided to call up our school and tell them about his smoking weed habit.