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Marriage with christian?

If my family will not accept Islam then I don’t want to leave them… am I allowed to get second marriage without divorce or consent from my first wife?

5 weeks pregnant revert …help!

My boyfriend wants me to have an abortion. I don’t want to kill our baby – would I be sinning if I keep our baby?

Revert. Lost my virginity. Extreme guilt

He forced me… He said “I think you want it, I just need to be more forceful”. I feel like I am guilty for allowing myself to be in that situation…

At A Crossroads… or Many

My story splits into, I think, three or four different struggles in my life…

I am not able to forgive myself for my behavior…

What I did and said is killing me so much for doing this to my mother, under whose feet is jannah and who Allah has commanded to be kind to.

Should I Get To Know Him?

We don’t live in the same country and I would like to get to know him first before I tell my parents, but how?

I am a convert who needs some advice on my non practising fiancé

Is it wrong to be planning my life with someone who although brought up Muslim does not follow God’s will?

Unmarried: Convert Issues

As a convert of 5 years, this ummah has continually disappointed me with regards to marriage. It’s as if being a convert automatically categorizes me as a second-class citizen

I’m converting to Islam – do I have to change my name?

My name means “miracle” and I believe if your name does not go against Islam you do not need to change it?

Can a ‘converted’ Muslima marry a non-Muslim man?

As far as I was aware, a Muslima cannot marry outside of ISLAM. Is that true? I was under the impression, that only applied, if you were BORN a Muslim and your family was Muslim?