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Parents have estranged me after converting to Islam

Assalamu alaikum.
I belonged to a traditional Hindu family and was very religious since childhood, am the eldest daughter with two sisters and a brother. I stayed away from my parents mostly for studies but used to miss them a lot.

Why do I have to convert to marry a Muslim woman that I am in love with.

I love her children and I understand that they are Muslim. But if I want to marry her, she said I have to convert and become Muslim. If Islam is such a respectful and tolerent Religion then why must I give up my beliefs?

Christian Guy wanting to marry a muslim woman

Hello, cheers everyone. I am a christian catholic inlove with a very nice muslim lady. We are so inlove that we did not care about our religion or the future ahead of us. We were full of hopes of being together. Recently, a guy tried to take her away from me. When my gf rejected him, he made all this bad stories about my girl and basically destroyed my girls reputation.