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Nervous about intimacy

I will be getting married soon. I’m quite worried as I don’t know what my rights and responsibilities are in terms of intimacy. I don’t know what his rights and responsibilities are.

I married a man as a second wife who kept our relationship hidden from his family.

Nothing is as I thought it would be or as it should be. I knew he was married – I knew I would be a second wife. What I did not know is he would keep me a secret from ALL of his family. He’s planning on coming to stay in America in January. My question is simple. I do not agree in any form being a secret. I want to know my rights according to Islam.

My Sister has been Suffering the Ignorance of her Husband; Please Advise

Immediately her in laws saw her, they told her to get on her knees (even though she was heavily pregnant) that she is a spoiled and proud. They then told their son that he’s stupid for allowing his wife control him and went on and on to humiliate her.