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Torn between my family and my husband

My husband sent me a text message that I should go back to my father`s house until after I am done with the schooling then I can come back to the marriage. When I returned from school he had changed the lock.

Why is my husband keeping me secret from his family?

We didnt know each other when we got married but we were willing to give it ago for the love of Allah. I’m white & a revert..We are now facing problems.. His keeping me a secret from his family, I’m not sure why

What are my Islamic rights over my husband, he drinks, smokes marajuana & has an STD

My husband has moved out, he drinks, smokes marajuana and has an STD which he transmitted to me. I need to know my Islamic rights over him.

Wife’s right in the night or day?

My husband works during the day and in the night he goes out to see his friends and comes back nearly fajar time. And cos of that we argue evey night, it is affecting us so much. He says he needs his own time and he is fulfilling my right by feeding me, giving me a roof on my head even though its his parents house and clothing.

My problem with my wife and her parents.

1 year has been passed of my marriage and God blessed me with His blessings and I have little cute baby girl a while back.

Question 1: I heard that after giving birth to a child, wife should have to stay at her mother’s home for about 40 to 45 days. What does Islam teach us in this regard.

Question 2: Regarding to above question, btw our families there wasn’t any agreement or any notification from my wifes parents that it would be done like that on birth occasion, but now they are forcing me to do that like to complete 45 days at her home.