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Help please after father death and about land and house left behind

I feel it’s my right it’s not for greed I am doing I want what rightfully belongs to me and what should have belonged to my dad when his father passed away.

I am devastated by my mother-in-law’s behavior

My mother in law considers she has full right over everything which comes from my parents…

My husband wants divorce but won’t give me talak?

I want to know what are my rights if the husband refuses to verbally give the talak. I am unable to contact him and he has now moved away.

Raising Children in an Inter-Faith Marriage

Is it true that I cannot prevent her from exposing our children to her beliefs as long as she does not force them to adopt them?

Stepfathers rights

I have been married to my husband for 12 years, we have 5 children Mashallah. My oldest son is 13 years of age, his father has no contact with him. My son looks to my Husbund as any son would do to a father. My son is a good boy, Mashallah, he pray’s, he’s doing very well in school and is a good brother to his younger siblings(most of the time).

What are my rights in divorcing my Christian husband?


I am married to a man who basically converted to Islam just so as to marry me, but he has never practised Islam, and even admits to have only converted just to marry me, he is Christian.

In-laws not returning my jewelry after divorce

I got married in 2001, I soon found that my husband was a A-class drug and alcohol addict who would often hit me. However I did not want to give up and for 6 years I tried everything to help him. During this time he stole from me and beat me alot. I was the sole breadwinner he did not work and then in ramadan 2007 one day I came back from work and he was drunk and started hitting me. I begged him to stop as I was fasting but he did not.

My husband is promised to his cousin, what are my rights?

Before i married my husband, he already tied himself with his cousin due to family arrangement. I know its really painful to share with other due to love, but i agreed on that. Since im a filipino converted muslim, I just want to know my right regarding this situation?