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Boyfriend’s parents won’t accept me

My best friend introduced me to her cousin as she knew i wanted to find the right man to settle down with (I know realise this was not the right way now and Allah swt says things for our own benefit now). We started talking and after 6months became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Want to get married my boyfriend is making excuses

Life is perfect mashaAllah have perfect family but only one thing that I dream all my life was shaadi (marriage). I always wanted to marry a nice rich guy who would love me. A few years ago my brother’s friend and I start dating and he was very close to my family. I knew him since I was 12 but now when I asked him to marry me he said no and came up with a stupid excuse..

His family gave me hope and have now rejected my proposal.

I really need some advice on what to do. There is this guy that i want to marry and he wants to marry me also. We know each other’s families. We’re not having a relationship at all. He has told his family he wants to marry me and after learning that he wants to marry me I’ve told my family that I also want to marry him.