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I can’t leave him, neither can I forget him.

I am lovesick, involved in deep trouble and living in an unstable situation which is deeply affecting my health and studies.

I’ll die without him…

He’s my heart. But I don’t know what to say to my parents…

Is this lust or love?

Is it ok to ask for the person you like to be your life partner in both the worlds in your duas?

Will Allah forgive me for this sin?

When I finally ended the relationship, my friend who is also friends with the guy tells me that he has my pictures and Skype calls saved.

Seeking advice regarding relationship

His friend saw me and said something to him and he left me. I asked for the reason. He said “you’re not as beautiful as I thought”.

We want to marry but his family do not agree

I pray I do marry him because I really do care for him.

Do the concepts of love and romance exist in Islam?

Here in France, we have some concepts about romance, love… are these concepts real or not?

Online friendship becoming romantic, I feel confused

I’ve been chatting to a girl online who recently reverted to Islam. She’s fallen in love with me. I’ve been talking to her for a while, although we haven’t spoken to each other because she knows it not allowed in Islam so I’ve talked through social website.

Would a man marry a single mother?

I’ve befriend a guy who loves Islam dearly, he’s my bestfriend and I love him but he doesn’t know. Now will it be hard for me to marry after having a child to another man whom I was engaged to??

Living with In Laws

I am recently married +/- 6 months now. I am living with my inlaws. My husband and I does everything with my in-laws even go on every holiday together, go out every weekend with them. I have spoken to my husband that we need our alone time together and we need to make our own decisions about stuff like going on holidays together.