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Rude man

I think I am a rude person. I wish to stop, and be a nice man for my future wife. Sometimes I fear, if I get angry I might end up smacking my wife.

Verbal abuse and bad behaviour of wife towards husband and his family

It’s very humiliating for my family and they have asked me to leave this relationship but she does not want leave.

Problem with in laws

I feel like I’m getting bullied by my own family members.

Apologising for the hurt

Not sure she accepted my apology or not, I think she didn’t forgive – so would Allah swt forgive me?

My friends are hurting me, please help me

Now it has been 3 months and I pray everday to Allah (swt) to make my friends realize their mistake and to apologize for hurting me and to become friends again with me but it seems as if He (swt) is not listening. I am very hurt and upset and don’t know what to do? They have all done boycott from me and don’t want to resolve anything.