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Can´t help loving him, don´t know what to do

We were together maybe a week or so just texting and video calls. He introduced his siblings (they were younger). He asked me to meet him after college, I simply said no and he was kind of upset that I don’t trust him. I told I did, but I was not comfortable plus I can’t cheat my parents. He understood and promised he won’t ever do that again.

A Close same-sex friend of mine likes me

A friend told me she had a crush on me… The news spread like wildfire, everyone thought we were together.

Fighting the rumors spread about me

They have gone to Islamic Centers and spread rumours about me and my husband, at one of these places a woman runs a circle in the masjid giving halaqas – she has been spreading the vicious rumors about me to so many people that people are coming up to me and being verbally abusive.