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Family or husband

I don’t want to disappoint my parents but I also don’t want to live with regrets.

Should I leave him forever or should I convince him to marry me?

We have been doing s*x… He says he can’t marry me because he is poor in comparison to me and that he can’t spoil my whole life.

Having to choose between my parents and husband???

My dad told me I have only one day to decide to leave or stay.
If I leave, I can’t see my family anymore. If I stay, I can’t see him anymore. I am torn.

What’s wrong with me?

I got married to my husband. It was unplanned wedding. Well, it was planned but not with him. Anyway I love my husband, he is always honest and caring, but he has another wife and two kids also.

I am so sad I want a cure for this depression

Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters i am 14 year old boy and I am patient of depression i hide my tears every time I don’t want to show anyone one time I caught by my mother crying I don’t know how to get peaceful life I am in worries of everything 🙁   Asadullah

Feeling very shy and alone

Why this is happening, is this my mistake or is given by God? And what can I do to make myself better and make new friends? I feel very lonely too.

My mum doesn’t love me, I’m lonely and sad

lately i have been feeling sad and like always i feel lonely. i feel like my mum does not like me anymore and that has been making me feel down. this has caused me to look for the love i lost from my mum by looking on the internet and trying to find women who would do stuff with me.

Since he left me I don’t eat and I cry all the time

i really dont think i can marry anyone else anymore .. for me i already accepted him as my husband and still i cannot believe that he did this to me… i still thinks he will come back one day as he talked to me damn rudely…