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Please tell me how…

I do not know how to pray… I do not know where to start!

Lesser of two evils?

I don’t know which is worse, committing the sin of speaking to a non-mahram or him not reading salaah.

Have I been a Kafir until now?

I was never taught or told to read name until recently. I am afraid that all my love for Allah, my efforts haven’t counted up until now.

I missed obligatory prayers, am I out of Islam?

It has been depressing me so much knowing that I havent offered properly my prayers and it’ll lead me to hell…

My friends keep taking me to places that serve pork

Even though I did not eat anything that is haram, will my prayers not be accepted for 40 days still? We have plans to hang out in a couple of weeks and I feel like it’s going to happen again.

I need help with namaz

Please help me find a way to wake up for the fajr prayers???

I need help coming back to the right path

A fight made me realise my worth in his life, and made me want to change my lifestyle.

Do those years of prayer have no credit?

It has been my habit of offering tahijjud every 3am. I just discovered that you can’t pray tahajjud unless you wake from sleep. Are those tahajjud prayer I have offered for the past six years have no credit?

Out of my control

I have seemed to reach a point of hopelessness. For the first time in my life, I have stopped praying INTENTIONALLY. With no good reason apart from the fact that I am ashamed to pray to allah.

I have fear about five time prayers

I don’t offer prayer but whenever I think about offering five times prayer, I feel strange kind of fear in my heart.