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Is my wudu broken by my health problem?

I need to perform wudu again and again. Sometimes while offering prayer it happens. I am having to change clothes for every prayer.

Destroyed my life…..Depressed

I’m 15 years old. I used to be a much better person before. Now my conscience has just died.

I want to be a good Muslim!

Please tell me any Dua for these issues…

Please help me find Islamic Centers In Mumbai

I am a new Muslim under going e-learning. I need details of community centres to learn to pray salah.

Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts can come into my mind about my future life (even though I am not engaged yet). I want to get rid of this.

I feel like the worst human ever

I pray every chance there is and I get shirk thoughts like “I did shirk – oh no – I’m destined for hell now”. I can never pray salah without this stuff and it makes me cry a lot.

Salah problems

I forget what rakat I was on so I find myself starting again, or get thoughts of other things than my actual prayer.

I don’t want to die a sinner…

I passed a graveyard. It was the night time and it was terrifying. The thing which came to my mind was these people were once alive, once born and now gone.

depression disorder and salah

My main problem is that I can’t offer salah. Whenever I try to do so, I suffer lot of intense mental pain and pressure, which remains for most of the day- especially when I pray in the mosque. I first used to focus on salah to heal my depression, but I think it worsened my disorder. I want to offer it, but I’m not able to do it.

I need help to manage prayer with masturbation

Sometimes I get fedup and pray without shower or lie to my mom that i have prayed. I asked over internet and got “I should marry”! This is rubbish and illegal for me. Fasting is also not an option.