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Inheritance-does my brother deserve it??

Do my parents have an obligation according to Islam?

I lost valuable items

I lost my valuable items during my cousin’s wedding. I had kept it in my bag and forgot to wear them, and left the bag in the bride’s room. After almost an hour when I saw my bag, my jewelry was not there. I lodged a complaint, but the cops are at ease. It’s been three months gone and there’s no response.

Want to save money, but rent is Haram?

I want to start saving money, for example: If I wanted to open a savings account which has 2% rent each year and I wanted to open it with 10.000 euro. that would give me each year 200,- euro extra. But as I have heard and read is that in Islam rent is haram, so if that is true I cannot open this account or save, how can I then invest money?