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Are Muslim women obliged to wear a headscarf?

Are Muslim women obiged to wear a scarf? If it is then why so? And, if its about modesty then how come only a headscarf can declare a woman a modest person? A woman can be modest by wearing decent clothes and behaving in a decent banner. But, if a woman wants to dress the way she likes then why doesn’t she have the free will. Or does she?

My husband agreed to me not wearing hijab before marriage but now he is forcing me to cover.

I just can’t take the pain and hurting anymore and thinking suicidal thoughts more and more everyday… My mother is of no help because she isn’t religious at all and is always negative and asking why am I doing this. She doesn’t understand that I am trying. I can’t talk to my husband either because he is the other end pushing me. Please someone who can relate help me. I am at my wits end!

Hijab and relationship with fiance as a Muslimah living in Eastern Europe

I am a Muslim sister recently gave up a lot of things to ask ALLAH for forgiveness and to follow unto that path, unfortunately two things stand on my way, the first being Hijab. Where i live, which is in Eastern Europe, islam is not regarded very well and in general any one seen with a scarf is discriminated against in every possible way that is if not attacked.