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Marriage bureaus and Giving Photos to strangers

Is there any way to get out of this cage?

Muslim man with hearing impairment

I am facing a challeng in finding a wife due to my physical impairment.

No one is ready to marry a father of 5 kids

It’s like there is no way for a man who is a single father.

Unmarried at 29. How to deal with the societal pressure and resentment?

I’d like to know how one can deal with the pressure and social anxiety about being unmarried in the late 20s while everyone around them gets hitched.

I got hepatitis B virus – any advice for marriage?

This was given to me by Allah’s plan then there must be a wisdom. So what step can I put next?

He says hes depressed? Should I still go ahead with this proposal?

He’s seeking counselling to help him. He prays as much as he can.. and I do love him. But I don’t want to marry him to end the relationship.

How do I approach a girl the Halal way?

Since dating as done by the non-Muslims is not allowed, how exactly to go about the courtship process?

Getting older but don’t find many men physically attractive

I could not let a man approach me for sex if I did not find him physically attractive.

Rejected proposals

I feel I’ll never get married. What duas do I pray to ease my situation?

The Worst Time Being A Brown South Asian Muslim Man

The future is pretty dark for guys like me.